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Martine Freiberger, User Experience, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Usability
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Internal Company Service Website

The site was proposed to be a self promotion for the small team inside the IT department of a large company. Our customers were the internal product teams that might need anything from an icon to complex visualization dashboards.

UI/UX Design, Visual Design
About This Project

I was given some basic requirements and 1 week to design the site. It wasn’t to be just a sign up to “hire” a User Experience or Visual Designer, it was also to be a means for people to understand what the work we could do, an education of the value of User Experience Design and Data Visualization.


I designed the site to entice the user to scroll through the whole site. The “meat” was in the bounty of links in the RESOURCES section. They could spend as little or as much time there as desired.



HOME  Simple introduction to what we offered.


PROCESS  Summary of steps to our process with a link to a more detailed “Tip Sheet”.


RESOURCES  Links to some wonderful overviews of Color, Layout, Accessibility, Design examples and additional educational “Tip Sheets” that could be printed out and posted.


ABOUT  Profiles of the Team.


CONTACT  A quick form that offered Consultation, Full Design Services and Educational Sessions.



I used more vibrant colors from the broader company palette to contrast the alert/warning colors that was so much a part of the admin palette.


The site was well received by management as well as our direct customers. They appreciated the option of learning more about design and being able to have more collaboration with our team rather than just ordering icons.


Here is a sampling of the “Tip Sheets” that are available in the RESOURCES section.




  • Created Layout for scrolling site
  • Wrote first draft of copy
  • Researched and gathered links
  • Built prototype site in MUSE
  • Researched, wrote and designed layouts for “Tip Sheets”

VCoE logo designed by David Ciommo