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Martine Freiberger, User Experience, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Usability
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Musings of a Full Moon, book cover

A collection of essays from a woman.

Print Design, User Research, Visual Design
About This Project


The author had written a very personal set of essays that were serious and sometimes very sad, but yet hopeful and enlightening.



The author was not sure of the audience she wanted to reach. After interviewing the author I proposed images for the cover that I felt would resonate with and have personal meaning for her.  The author understood, through a focus group, that she should also consider her readers’ opinions when selecting the final image. She and I collaborated to create a book cover design that appealed to both the author and her readership.

Musings of a Full Moon


• Brainstorming

• Graphic Design

• Branding

• User Testing

• Production