Martine Freiberger | UX Design | Cisco – TelePresence
Martine Freiberger, User Experience, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Usability
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Cisco - TelePresence Immersive Video Conferencing

Cisco TelePresence provides Rich multimedia functionality thru three simultaneous 1080p60 video streams and one high-definition, full-motion 1080p30 content-sharing stream. The screens and content are orchestrated from a Cisco Tele-Presence Touch 12 panel is touchscreen technology; allowing users to initiate and manage meetings with “one-button” simplicity.

UI/UX Design, User Research, Visual Design
About This Project


Design a tablet control unit with all the functionality of the existing phone controller in tandem with the hardware development team.

Eighteen months of design and engineering resulted in the production of the first custom touchscreen tablet control device. Initially the team consisted of 4 designers, by the final UI specification delivery there were 6.
Schedule and engineering required a Waterfall approach to the project.
I was assigned features to replicate and enhance the experience of the call, call hold, add calls, calendar and scheduling.
I was also lead on all the visual aspects of  the touchscreen, adhering to and extending established patterns and styles.
The team met almost daily to share designs and different approaches via wireframes and mockups or to brainstorm on the white board.
Once we were satisfied with an approach, casual user studies were set up to gather data and refine our designs. These ranged from paper prototypes to powerpoint and tablet prototypes.
More formal user tests were completed before very detailed User Interface specifications, with all known use cases and markups, were delivered with final assets for production.
Teamwork made this rather ambitious project possible. Being able to work directly with Engineering enabled design issues to be resolved much more efficiently.

  • Brainstorming feature design
  • Wireframing & Workflows
  • Conducting casual, internal user studies
  • Visual Design
  • Applying and expanding (Tanberg) style guidelines
  • Writing UI specifications for a selection features
  • Production of assets
  • Quality collaboration with lead engineer