Martine Freiberger | UX Design | BulbBud – Mobile App
Martine Freiberger, User Experience, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Usability
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A mobile reference that includes growing conditions, search capabilities and access to virtual and physical locations to purchase garden bulbs.

UI/UX Design, User Research, Visual Design
About This Project


Create an application that enables professional and home gardeners to identify and select plant bulbs quickly and easily based on a broad list of criteria.  Ensure that it’s equally simple to make a list of “Favorites” as it is to make a “Shopping List” for ordering the next season’s bulbs.


The Information Architecture was done to streamline the task of finding and discovering bulbs into a more interactive and visual experience. Competitive analysis found only awkward and time consuming directories.

The mobile app allows the user to search by category or keyword: growing conditions (light, moisture, zone), color, size, blooming season. One can filter and sort results and reference by photo/image with a write-up on each varietal. Key attributes common to all bulbs are shown in iconic form for quick reference.


  • Mark selections as a Favorite
  • Create an alarm for buying/planting
  • Auto zonefinder via phone GPS
  • Links to list of local (GPS/yelp) or online nurseries (Google)

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  • Concept
  • Domain and User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframing
  • Visual Design
  • Prototype