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Martine Freiberger, User Experience, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Usability
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About Me

My Philosophy

“Lack of communication is the root of all evil”


I want to enable people to be more efficient and happier in their daily interactions with technology.


I want to do something that matters—change the world, even if it’s just a little…


• Well thought out design requires wearing many “hats”.
• Form needs to follow, the End Users’ function – beautifully.
• Teams collaborating well generate the best products.
• Present clear, clean, concepts.
• Being a mentee is just as important as being a mentor.
• Always consider Accessibility and Localization.
• Whimsy, when appropriate, enriches a product.


LinkedIn Profile

My Background

My roots are in print, so problem solving and user centered design were already part of my toolkit. I was hooked on usability when I won an STC award for a greatly simplified, localized, hardware set up card I designed for Sun Microsystems. Since then I have acquired a rich range of experience doing interaction/visual design for desktop, web and mobile applications, for small, medium and large companies. I’ve worked on every aspect of the development process: task analysis, running user studies, brainstorming, information architecture, wire framing, interaction / visual design, prototyping, production, and making sure to work with engineering to see the project through. This diverse set of skills allows me to wear many hats and to understand the big picture clearly. I’ve worked with waterfall and agile and find a combination delivers the best results. I have always enjoyed working with a diverse group of technical and non-technical personnel.


Specialties: User Studies, Analyzing the end-to-end user experience for a consistent look and feel, Branding

Expert user of Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and InVision Proficient in Omnigraffle and Balsamiq.

User Research0%
Interaction / Visual Design0%
Branding / Identity0%
Marketing / Print0%